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Press Contact: Juditta Salem


Yellow Sky Agency



Fine Artist: Suzana Rodriguez



OPENING June 19, 2008, 6-9PM

“Within the fading line between reality and fantasy, in a crowded city, people morph into shadows, losing their identity in the process.I am interested in exploring their darkness, and in unveiling the emotions they seem to be hiding”, reflects Ms. Rodriguez.


Here is an artist, from Argentina, who travels through the shadows of the Earth, observing real people with unreal lives. In the overpopulated streets of New York City, people are lonely, yet seldom alone. A rhetorical question triggers our lonely thoughts, that no one has a concrete answer for:

How did we get to be this far apart?

In a time with limited space, humanity has never been more separated. There is a sense of disconnection with our loved ones, our lands, our homes, our faiths, and most importantly, with ourselves. The exhibition, titled “Shadows”, at 43 8th Avenue Gallery, consists of 10 paintings, that penetrate our disguise, in order to expose our shadows, and revive our dormant desires.

Ms. Suzanna Rodriguez was born an artist, and has been painting her entire life with passion, lust, and sensuality. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Ms. Rodriguez went on to exhibit in both group and solo exhibitions, in Argentina, South Korea, Brazil, and The Dominican Republic.

The exhibition is centered around a work on canvas delineating a family of four walking side by side, casting their shadows on the solid ground they walk on, yet seem detached from both reality and each other.

“When I paint, I am aware that both my conscious and subconscious parts of my mind are at full play; however, I try to keep the subconscious suppressed within the process, so that I may fully and consciously reveal the truth of human behavior as raw as it can get”, expresses Ms. Rodriguez.

Susana has carved her individuality through the total awareness of her art. Her art is driven by passion; the flame of passion must never be extinguished, and here she is, sending life to its blazing fire.

© Juditta Salem

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